A Picture is worth a thousand words.  Imagine what the below say!
Installed a french drain at a condo site, The water was always standing at the back of the site. Sample Landscape 1 Fendt Fire Pit with Unilock Holland stone Fendt Fire pit Block with Unilock Holland stone Patio 5ft patio AA Limestone Artic Rainbow Stone Black Star Granite Black Lava Rock Black Mulch Boulders Boulders Red Barn Slate Stone Cedar Mulch Crushed Concrete Eastern Sunrise Brown Mulch   Egg Rock Egg Rock Large Float Stone Gold Mulch Hard Wood Mulch Limestone 3-4 Midnight Granite Pea Pebble Pink Quartz Play Ground Mulch Red Lava Red Mulch Royal Gorge Salt & Pepper Stone Silica Pebbles Black Slate Scape Spanish Tile Stone Stone Bark Stone Walnut Pebbles Stone Western Sunrise Stone White Marble Stone Woodchips