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Landscape Lighting:
Full Service Landscape Lighting Design – We will come to your property to assess your landscape lighting needs and take pictures. Then we put together a layout and line item estimate for your project. We typically include the maximum amount of lighting that we would suggest then you can choose what fits into your budget. Once you have determined your budget and are ready to move forward we offer a demo of your lighting system. The demo is a mock up of the lighting where some or all of the proposed fixtures are staked into the ground. The control unit is plugged in and the wiring is ran above ground and connected to the fixtures with temporary connectors. Every landscape is different and there is a lot bad landscape lighting out there. The demo is very helpful to our customers, showing what the new lighting will look like before a final commitment is made. The demo is good for us because we can show suggested lighting techniques and agree on all fixture locations before burying wire. 

Sales – We sell the fixtures that we specify in our designs. Our prices match current internet prices. We primarily sell Kichler products and Vista Products Installation – A standard project takes 1-2 days to complete. Most lighting projects are low voltage and the wiring is installed in a 4-6 inch trench using anchor pins to hold the wire in place. Fixtures are connected using 3M Direct Bury Splice Kits where the connection is put in a tube filled with a waterproof compound to prevent corrosion. Service – We offer maintenance and service to all of our customers. We recommend yearly service to protect your investment. If you already have existing landscape lighting we can make repairs, service or upgrade your current system.