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We can take care of your property!

 For more than 18 years Lightning Lawn & Landscape is committed to provide weekly mowing of all lawn areas, including routine edging of curbs and walkways to maintain a sharp, crisp, weed-free appearance. Our policy is to keep all sidewalks, driveways, curbs, tree beds, window wells, and landscape beds free of grass clippings and other debris.

We'll also perform thorough spring and fall lawn clean-ups to keep your property as clean and presentable as it can be.

We offer landscape construction and landscape maintenance, Every aspect of a perfect landscape starts at it's creation and from creation there will be maintenance to make it look it's best year after year.

From trees, sod, hydroseeding, mulch, topsoil, stamped concrete, brick paving, retaining walls, grading, land prep, shrub trimming. WE DO IT ALL

We offer full install to full service maintenance and repairs, We have the state of the art equipment for installation to tracing broken lines, We are very active in supporting water management in sprinkler systems it is truly amazing how much water can be saved with just a couple simple changes.